Maternity Clinics

The state of rural healthcare in the country is sad and it is appalling to think that some areas don’t even have civic amenities. We believe that healthcare isn’t dependent on social status and shouldn’t be so nor should it depend on where a person lives. Particularly pathetic is the state of women’s health in the rural areas and this is one of the main reasons why we have set up maternity clinics in rural areas.

More often than not, women aren’t aware of pre natal and ante natal healthcare in rural regions and infant mortality and mortality rates of young mothers during pregnancy, during delivery and post is quite high. The Trust has set up maternity clinics to ensure that awareness is created among rural women as to the care that a pregnant woman needs to be accorded and we are working incessantly towards creating awareness among the rural masses for the same. In many cases, even vaccinations that are available at Government centres at moderate or no cost at all aren’t availed by pregnant mothers and we are working towards ensuring that this state changes.

Our Founders believe in eradicating inequality and injustice and have sworn themselves to women empowerment and the maternity clinics were born out of a desire to ensure better healthcare for pregnant women and nursing mothers in rural regions. The clinics not only work towards awareness, they also conduct vaccination drives and offer low cost or no cost treatments for mothers and also help in delivering their babies in a safe and hygienic manner.

It is important to empower women and it is even more important to bring in better healthcare for healthy women contribute to healthier children and it is after all their due right to get the best of facilities!

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