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Education it is said is the only weapon that can change the world and make it into a better place. Today’s children are tomorrow’s society and educating them is the best way to achieve a society that is progressive, inclusive and peaceful. The Karmath Charitable Trust has worked ceaselessly towards educating children and has been involved in child welfare and safety for the past 23 years.

The Founders are social reformers who believe in social equality and have fought against injustice and social evils. The Foundation has been involved in charitable activities since inception and the founders have contributed all their assets and wealth towards the trust so as to enable it to function without any financial troubles.

The Trust is currently involved in building a school for children and aims to reach out to underprivileged children and provide them a chance at education. The Founders believe that it is essential to accomplish this in order to secure the future of tomorrow’s youth and are working towards bringing in the latest and state of the art facilities for the school under construction. With education comes moral upliftment and empowerment and this is perhaps the only means to achieve inclusive growth.

We invite everyone to contribute towards this noble cause and pitch in their bit towards building a healthier and stronger nation. Running a school involves infrastructural costs and operational costs (such as hiring good teachers, providing good structures for the children to sit and study and of course providing the children with study materials, stationary and other building labs, classrooms and ensuring basic civic amenities and hygiene).

While the trust has already begun its work in this direction, we invite everyone to contribute and work towards a better nation. After all, it is our social responsibility to ensure that tomorrow’s children are accorded an opportunity to study and pursue their passion and rise to great heights.

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