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Karmath Charitable Trust (Regd)

The Karmath Charitable Trust was founded more than two decades ago and the Founders are strict believers in justice and equality. The Founders are social reformers who have contributed all their wealth and assets to the trust and are teetotallers with the sole aim of working towards a better nation and society. They have pledged their bodies to AIIMs and believe in fighting inequality and injustice. The Trust aims at building a society that is free of the divide between its various sections and believes in giving children a right to an inclusive and equal society.

The Trust has been active towards child education and is currently in the process of building a school for after all education is the only true means to freedom, collective progress and a society that isn’t plagued by inequality and injustice. The Trust has also been very active when it comes to women empowerment and healthcare. Throw a man a lifeline and you set him up for life; throw a woman a lifeline and you help her entire family rise above their circumstances!

In the area of healthcare, the Trust has set up free maternity clinics to promote and create awareness about the maternal and infant health and sets up vaccination drives, aids with the delivery of children and supports mothers with their healthcare needs. With more than 23 years of activity in the education, women empowerment and healthcare areas, the trust is inviting donations towards its healthcare and education activities from the public and invites them to do their bit for the society.

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