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We volunteer towards various charitable causes and strive to combat injustice and social inequalities.


A lot can be achieved by directing money and other resources towards the right causes.

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We are active when it comes to working towards women empowerment, education, maternity clinics and so on.

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Building Health Centre For Village People.

Karmath Charitable Trust (Regd)

The Karmath Charitable Trust was founded with the sole aim of working towards the betterment of the underprivileged and destitute in the country. The Founders are pioneers and champions who have fought against injustice and have been consistently working towards combating injustice meted out to the poor in our country. They are social reformers who have donated all their assets to the trust and have made it their life's ambition to work towards education, healthcare, women empowerment and social equality. The Foundation has actively voiced and fought for equality across sectors and continues to do so.

Having fought against social evils, inequality and injustice, the Founders believe in setting up schools, maternity health care clinics and alleviating hunger to create a platform of equal opportunities for everyone. Having no familial ties and being free of liabilities, they have actively worked only towards assuring in a society where everyone is given equal opportunities and is treated equally.

Even today there is a lot that needs to be done in the rural sectors where even basic civic amenities are unavailable and education is a joke! Karmath Charitable Trust is working towards building a school for destitute children that will provide them with opportunities to grow beyond poverty and achieve something in life that will turn improve awareness and help in the betterment of the social and economic station. The Trust is also active towards women empowerment and has free maternity clinics that help with child delivery, pre natal and ante natal health along with infant health.


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